GPI Seminar Series: Cristian Canton

Cristian Canton

Cristian Canton, Senior Researcher, Microsoft
From Catalonia to America: notes on how to achieve a successful post-Master career
Monday September 21st, 10h30, MERIT room D5-010


Reaching the green prairies where the big fat tech companies graze has been historically regarded as a hard and painful journey for young freshly graduated students. The amount of contenders is large and the competition may be overwhelming but, despite all, you often see researchers and students related to Catalan universities that have found a prominent role in companies like Microsoft, Google, Facebook, etc. Nowadays master students are the technical leaders of the future but, what is needed to ensure a successful post-master career? Which are our strong assets coming out from a Catalan university (and which are not!)? In this talk I will be sharing my personal story and will share with you all the advice I did not have when I was pursuing my studies at UPC that may had boosted and speeded up my steps. Everyone is welcome!