GPI Seminar Series: Carles Ventura

Carles Ventura, Automatic Keyframe Selection based on Mutual Reinforcement Algorithm
Wednesday January 23rd, at 15:00, Seminar Room D5-007

This paper addresses the problem of video summarization through an automatic selection of a single representative keyframe. The proposed solution is based on the mutual reinforcement paradigm, where a keyframe is selected thanks to its highest and most frequent similarity to the rest of considered frames. Two variations of the algorithm are explored: a first one where only frames within the same video are used (intra-clip mode) and a second one where the decision also depends on the previously selected keyframes of related videos (inter-clip mode). These two algorithms were evaluated by a set of professional documentalists from a broadcaster’s archive, and results concluded that the proposed techniques outperform the semi-manual solution adopted so far in the company.