GPI Seminar Series: Albert Gil

Albert Gil, Remote Software Development and Computing.
Simple usage and hidden understanding of some of the most geek and powerful tools out there
Thursday February 4th, 10h, MERIT room D5-010

Nowadays we use a lot of web services and applications (e.g. gmail, dropbox, github...), so we already do a lot of remote working. But we are users of these services and apps, what about being developers instead? What about running our own applications remotely in big computing clusters? Is there any better way than ssh and nohup?

In this presentation we will see some of the most used tools for remote development and computing, such as the ones based on tmux and xpra for persistent remote sessions, helpers like autossh or mosh. We will also see how to take advantage of the dotfiles culture, discuss about keyboard centric, tiled and highly customized environments using local window managers like openbox, and we will try to reduce our fear to text editors like vim. The presentation will contain a lot of live demos and videos of these tools as well as explanations of the most relevant but hidden concepts and problems that they try to solve. (presentation recording: GPI Intranet)