GPI Seminar Series: Alan Tucholka

Alan Tucholka

Alan Tucholka, Post-doctoral Researcher, Pasqual Maragall Foundation
Crash Course on Neuroimaging
Thursday October 1st, 16.30h, Room D5-007

MRI is an inestimable tool to image the brain. It is non-invasive and can be programmed to create specific sequences to see different informations: anatomy, function, blood flow, water diffusion and other. Each sequence answer a different question, and sequences can be combined to increase accuracy and efficiency.
Neuroimaging is a very young field, where we still create new methods and discover new findings. The amount of data can be particularly important, resulting in a computational challenge. Moreover analyses can be done in many different ways, and we always search for new methodologies to analyse the data. That makes a huge place for collaboration with people working in image processing, machine learning, data mining and statistics in general.
However, in neuroimaging we have a very social and practical approach. We don't just analyse all the possible combinations. We are driven by biological and clinical knowledge. To efficiently analyse neuroimaging data, one must understand the data.
In this presentation I will introduce basic neuroimaging analyses: anatomy, function and diffusion, to show the possibilities in the neuroimaging field. Then I will present the ALFA project from the Foundation Pasqual Magarall and some preliminary findings.

Short Biography:
I did my master degree in computer science at University Paris-South and my Ph.D. in NeuroImaging in Neurospin Research Center in Paris on joining anatomy and function in MRI studies. Then I moved to Montreal, Canada, at the Hospital for Children Sainte-Justine to perform functional and structural MRI analyses in kids suffering from epilepsy. Jointly I worked in the NeuroRadiological department of Hospital of the University of Montreal to perform pre-surgical brain imaging analyses to improve the accuracy of epileptic and brain tumor surgeries using anatomy, function, diffusion and tractography. Now I am a post-doctoral researcher in Foundation Pasqual Maragall where I study the evolution of MRI-based brain markers along the pathological continuum of Alzheimer's Disease.