GPI Seminar Series: Adolfo López

Adolfo López, fezoo, fezoo: year one. (update: added video!)
Thursday July 8th, 12h, Aula MERIT D5-010

PhD thesis defense: Mattia Bosio

Mattia Bosio defends his PhD thesis entitled Hierarchical information representation and efficient classification of gene expression microarray data
Friday June 27th, 11h, Aula de Telensenyament, B3 building, 1st floor

GPI Seminar Series: Ignacio Bosch

Ignacio Bosch, Study and Applications of Efficient Multiview Search through Epipolar Geometry
Thursday July 26th, at 11:00, Multimedia Room B3 building (level -2)

GPI Seminar Series: Andreu Badal

Andreu BadalFDA (Maryland, USA), A real­time radiation dose monitoring system for patients and staff during interventional fluoroscopy using a GPU­-accelerated Monte Carlo simulator and an automatic 3D localization system based on a depth camera.
Friday May 23rd, 10h, Sala de Juntes D4-012


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