Josep R. Casas

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Josep R. Casas has been principal investigator of projects MuViPro and PROVEC (Plan Nacional de I+D+i, 2007-2014), and led or contributed to several European Framework Program projects (EUROfusion, FascinatE, ACTIBIO, CHIL, SCHEMA, ADViSOR) and industry-sponsored projects (VISION, HESPERIA, D'Ocon) since 1995. He was a visiting researcher at CSIRO in Canberra, Australia in 2001, and served as chair for the IEEE conferences ICASSP 2020 (Special Sessions) and ICIP 2003 (Finances Chair).

Josep's current research interests focus on multi-view analysis and representation from multiple sensor data: 3D reconstruction and analysis, model-based human motion analysis and gesture recognition. Applications are in the fields of human interaction and audio-visual communication.

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Journal Articles top

F. Dios, Torres-Benito, S., Lázaro, J. Antonio, Casas, J., Pinazo, J., and Lerín, A., Experimental evaluation of a MIMO radar performance for ADAS application, Telecom, vol. 5, no. 3, pp. 508-521, 2024.
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T. Sunn Pedersen, et, al, Casas, J., and Salembier, P., Experimental confirmation of efficient island divertor operation and successful neoclassical transport optimization in Wendelstein 7-X, Nuclear Fusion, vol. 62, no. 4, 2022. (2.24 MB)
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Book Chapters and Bookstop

S. Navarro, López-Méndez, A., Alcoverro, M., and Casas, J., Multi-view Body Tracking with a Detector-Driven Hierarchical Particle Filter, in Lecture Notes in Computer Science: Articulated Motion and Deformable Objects, vol. 7378, F. Perales, Fisher, R., and Moeslund, T. Berlin / Heidelberg: Springer , 2012, pp. 82-91.
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N. Dimakis, Soldatos, J., Polymenakos, L., Sturm, J., Neumann, J., and Casas, J., The Memory Jog Service, in Computers in the Human Interaction Loop, London: Springer, 2009, pp. 207–234.

Teaching top

Acronym Title Level College
TAD Analog and Digital Television Systems Telecommunications Engineering, 5 years degree TelecomBCN, ETSETB
TPA Audiovisual Production Technology Bachelor's degree in Telecommunications Technologies and Services Engineering (Major: Audiovisual Systems) TelecomBCN, ETSETB
K3D K3D: 3D with Kinect Degree in Engineering of Audiovisual Systems TelecomBCN, ETSETB
VA Video Analysis Master in Computer Vision (MCV) UAB, UOC, UPC & UPF