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Amanda Duarte is a PhD candidate at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya jointly with the Barcelona Supercomputing Center under the supervision of Prof. Jordi Torres and Prof. Xavier Giró.

Thanks to the INPhINIT ”La Caixa” Doctoral fellowship she is also a Marie Skłodowska-Curie fellow.


Her research aims at giving people with special needs and in particular sign language users further access to information.

Specifically, her recent work focus on developing systems that enable sign language users to have automatic ways of translating online content (e.g. the speech of videos or texts) into sign language representations.

To that end, as part of her PhD studies, she leads together with Prof. Xavier Giró the Speech2Signs project that tackle the task of automatic speech to sign language translation.

As no data for learning such a system were available, the project introduced the first large-scale continuous American Sign Language dataset called How2Sign, which will be publicly available soon. 

During her PhD, she internet at Johns Hopkins University and at Carnegie Mellon University.



Before starting her PhD studies, she got her master’s in Computer Engineering at Federal University of Rio Grande (FURG) in Brazil, and a degree in Systems Analysis at Instituto Federal Sul-rio-grandense (IFSul). 


Her past research projects span a wide variety of areas and involve multimodal data collection and annotation, speech-conditioned image generation, underwater robot localization and navigation and underwater image restoration.


Portuguese is her first language but she is also fluent in English and Spanish.

She is able to understand Catalan, but be aware of possible misunderstandings. Expect even more misunderstanding when using American Sign Language (ASL) but it's also worth trying. :)


Besides research, she is passionate about travel, photography, and art.



For more information and recent news, visit her personal webpage.


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A. Duarte, Palaskar, S., Ghadiyaram, D., DeHaan, K., Metze, F., Torres, J., and Giró-i-Nieto, X., How2Sign: A Large-scale Multimodal Dataset for Continuous American Sign Language, in ECCV 2020 Workshop on Sign Language Recognition, Translation and Production (SLRTP), 2020. (744.94 KB)
L. Ventura, Duarte, A., and Giró-i-Nieto, X., Can Everybody Sign Now? Exploring Sign Language Video Generation from 2D Poses, in ECCV 2020 Workshop on Sign Language recognition, Production and Translation (SLRTP), 2020. (3.85 MB)
A. Duarte, Roldán, F., Tubau, M., Escur, J., Pascual-deLaPuente, S., Salvador, A., Mohedano, E., McGuinness, K., Torres, J., and Giró-i-Nieto, X., Wav2Pix: Speech-conditioned Face Generation using Generative Adversarial Networks, in ICASSP, Brighton, UK, 2019. (4.42 MB)
A. Duarte, Cross-modal Neural Sign Language Translation, in Proceedings of the 27th ACM International Conference on Multimedia - Doctoral Symposium, Nice, France, 2019. (392.69 KB)
D. Surís, Duarte, A., Salvador, A., Torres, J., and Giró-i-Nieto, X., Cross-modal Embeddings for Video and Audio Retrieval, in ECCV 2018 Women in Computer Vision Workshop, Munich, Germany, 2018. (1.07 MB)

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DLCV Deep Learning for Computer Vision Master in Telecommunications Engineering (MET) ETSETB Telecom BCN